Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chapter 5.7 "The Ripley Scroll"

The conversation stopped abruptly when Chamberlin's admin wheeled in the dinner cart and proceeded to uncork a bottle of champaign. It was clear to Martin that this meeting was more of celebration than a business negotiation.

Chamberlin poured three glasses and proposed a toast. "Gentleman, to our good fortune in finding each other. This day we will make history together."

Martin sipped his champaign and watched Mr. Ito quaff down his entire glass with one smooth motion. "Easy does it, Mr. Ito. We haven't closed this deal quite yet."

"I am prepared to do so, Mr. Dial," said Chamberlin, but first I must know what happens to our funding should this effort fail."

"The gold used in the process will be returned to you," replied Mr. Ito. "It will be melted down, but it can be poured back into gold bars afterwards."

"Surely there is some risk involved."

"Only in that we have never attempted to use the process on this scale. Your nine founders will live again."

"In return, we will need to keep the gold for further work towards the IPO," said Martin. "With the uncontested validity of our process, the second round of financing should follow in record time."

The men raised their glasses once again and began the process of the bank transfer. Ito then shook Chamberlin's hand and promised results within a few days.

"Fantastic, Mr. Ito. My cryogenic engineers will be at the ready to assist you with the remains of our founders."

"That will not be necessary, Mr. Chamberlin. New life will not be forthcoming from your freezers."

Martin felt a chill as Ito left the room. As the secrets of resurrection were slowly coming to light, something unexplainable was going on here.

As he walked to his rental car, Martin stopped in his tracks. He swore he heard the cries of a wolf.