Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chapter 4.1 "Elements of Foundation"

The twins looked at each other and started to laugh.

"One hundred million?" Reed asked.

"AS IF I'd pay that for you!" they said to each other simultaneously.

"New Life customers will gladly pay that amount," Martin said indignantly. "We are talking about a miracle here, after all."

"And why are you here explaining this to us, anyway?" asked Ryan. "Where are the principles? Where is this Resurrection Ronco coming from?"

"They wish to remain anonymous, though their reasons for this are unclear." Martin replied. "The firm will be acting on behalf of the New Life Foundation in exchange for an outstanding number of shares."

"So you run the business then?"

"Yes. The NLF will actually render the service as subcontractors and we will run all the fundraising, day-to-day business, and finance. This will, of course, be masked behind a wall of secrecy to protect the New Life process."

"And what is it that you need from us?" asked Ryan.

Martin looked down at the binder in front of him. "I need a prospectus that will get us some angel funds. The prototype did not go quite as planned."

"Prototype? You mean, they've already brought somebody back?"

"Not precisely. But unless I can raise $100 Million of my own in the next 30 days, they won't be able to give her a second try."