Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chapter 5.1 "The Ripley Scroll"

Note: IPO is a novel blogged in-progress.

The offices of Ripley Cryogenics were quite modest on the outside, their brushed-aluminum sign not withstanding. As he entered, Martin could hardly help from checking out the goth receptionist. Black clothes, hair, and lipstick was something he was not accustomed to in the financial district.

"Hello." she said in a heavy English accent. "May I help you?"

"Martin Dial. I'm a here to see Mr. Chamberlin."

"Very good, sir. Please have a seat and I'll fetch him straight away."

Martin took a seat on one of the leather chairs in the corner. The room had a glowing fireplace and it occurred to Martin that one could settle in here and read a good book if necessary. He could detect a tinge of cigar smoke and the glass case on the wall was stocked with Scotch.

Then Martin noticed the portrait on the wall. It was an old oil painting of a handsome young couple in noble clothes. He took a step closer and felt his breath escape him. The brass plate beneath read "George Ripley, 1475" and the woman in the picture was the spitting image of the newly resurrected Jennifer Flamel.