Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chapter 4.2 "Elements of Foundation"

Note: IPO is a novel blogged in-progress.

The twins were uncharacteristically quiet as Martin told them about the remarkable resurrection of Jennifer Flamel. They looked at each other a few times but held their tongues.

"So tell us more about this 'new life' process you mentioned," said Reed.

Martin shifted in his chair. "Mr. Ito is very tight-lipped about the process. Apparently it involves the use of precious metals and rare compounds. The amounts can vary greatly depending on the individual, but that's all I know."

"This is just too much," Ryan remarked. "I mean, can they bring anybody back from the dead?"

"No. But apparently there is some kind of litmus test that they can perform once given a name."

"Can we talk to this Mr. Ito?" Reed asked "It may sound crazy, but I think we need to prepare an FAQ for potential investors. If an answer is proprietary, he can just say so."

Just then the receptionist poked her head in the door. "Mr. Dial, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you have an urgent call. It's Jennifer's mother on line one."

Martin excused himself and hurried down the hall to pick up the call in his office.

"Hello, Esther?"

"Martin? Oh thank goodness you're there! It's Jennifer, what have they done with her?"

"Whoa, wait, wait, Esther. Slow down. What's going on?"

"I went to put flowers on her grave today, it's gone! Martin, her grave is gone!"

Martin's head was racing. Had Mr. Ito exhumed her grave, perhaps?

"Esther, are you saying someone dug up Jennifer's grave?"

"No! No! You don't understand! This is going to sound crazy but I went there today and everything is rearranged. Martin, there are no graves on that side of the hill anymore."

"Esther, you must have gotten disoriented. How could someone move all the graves on the hillside?"

"I'm telling you right now; Jennifer's graveyard is now a stand of trees. And Martin, they've got to be a hundred years old!"